About Me

Hi, my name is Dr. Jorge Rodriguez. I’m happy to have this chance to tell you about my work as a pediatrician at Kaiser Permanente. I have practiced pediatrics for more than 20 years and recently joined Kaiser Permanente’s Panorama City Medical Center to work full-time in pediatric urgent care. When your child is ill, I know its hard on you to see a different doctor every time you visit the Urgent Care Department, but I hope I can be that friendly face you encounter when you visit.


I grew up in the Philippines and attended medical school at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. I then trained in New York City for my pediatric residency. After that, I moved to sunny California to practice pediatrics. I was a sickly child growing up and was exposed to a lot of doctors, and I have always wanted to be in the medical field ever since I can remember. Now that I am a pediatrician, I can definitely empathize when my patients are sick and not feeling well, so I now make it a point to make it fun and easy for them to see the doctor when they are sick.

About my practice

I believe in total care, so when you see me at the Pediatric Urgent Care clinic, I will try to make it a visit about your complete health care, from acne to warts and everything in between, as I believe a healthy child is a happy child.

How I thrive

I thrive by eating healthily. I start with a breakfast of berries and other fruits, and then later, I have a healthy lunch and dinner. I exercise regularly, which includes working out, hiking, and doing yoga. I also enjoy traveling all over and sampling different cuisines of the cities I visit.