About Me

I was born in Orange, New Jersey to immigrants from India. Growing up, I moved around quite a bit and lived on the East and West Coasts. As an adult, I have migrated from Rhode Island to Ohio to Oregon, and I plan to never move again. I enjoy living with my husband and two children in Portland, where we can easily take advantage of city life and within minutes enjoy Oregon's natural beauty. I chose medicine because it rewarded me intellectually and emotionally. I enjoyed learning the science and using that knowledge to directly help people. Pediatrics was an easy choice because growth and development add another layer of complexity and variety to the intellectual side of medicine. Also, children are frankly more fun. In a typical day, I get to see a six month old happily sucking his toes, hear a child tell me she knows everything because she is five years old, and to cheer a teen on as she describes her hopes and dreams for the future.

About my practice

Children are gifts...without instruction manuals! Naturally, there are countless questions that arise as parents navigate their way through childhood. I consider it a privilege to be able to provide guidance and advice along the way. I enjoy partnering with families to help them raise healthy and confident children.

How I thrive

Spending time with family and friends recharges me. A little chocolate every day helps, too! I try to make choices that support a healthy and active lifestyle. I grew up with healthy home cooked meals (thanks, Mom!) and now that I am a mom myself, I try to carry on that tradition for my family. I would love to say that I am also an avid runner or triathlete (hats off to those folks), but I am not. I did not grow up exercising or knowing the importance of exercise on health. Of course, as an adult and physician, I have learned so much about the healthful effects of regular exercise. I exercise regularly, usually at home with the help of instructors on DVDs. I do what I can to treat my body well so that it can continue to serve me well for decades to come.