About Me

A native of Boston, I fell in love with the warmth (attitude and climate) of the South during medical school and have been looking forward to returning to Atlanta ever since. My wife and I have two sons, who are truly remarkable human beings, amazing us with new personality developments each day. When not overwhelmed by childcare, we enjoy an active lifestyle, including activities such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, running, tennis, golf and ultimate frisbee. I am a music lover, and have been playing piano, singing, arranging and composing for many years. My newest hobby (obsession) is chocolatiering. It is much better for the taste buds than the waistline, but I love watching friends, family, colleagues and patients enjoy my creations. I am excited to work for Kaiser Permanente, a company whose patient care philosophy and work environment I have admired for a number of years.

About my practice

As a plastic surgeon, I have received extensive training in both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the entire body. My residency was very strong in microsurgery, and as a result, I have become well-versed in complex reconstruction of the breast, head and neck, trunk and lower extremities. I am also experienced in performing the wide variety of procedures plastic surgery has to offer, including aesthetic surgery of the face, breast and body. In addition, I am skilled in office-based excision and reconstruction of both cancerous and non-cancerous lesions on the face and body. I believe that each person I treat is different, both anatomically and emotionally. Therefore, I take an individual approach to each case, tailoring both the surgery and treatment plan to the specific needs and desires of each patient. I make sure our members are well-informed, and then always make decisions with them, rather than for them.

How I thrive

Spending time with my family will always be my top priority. To watch my children grow and develop fills me with a sense of pride and accomplishment that cannot be equaled anywhere else in my life. In addition, I find that I feel more at peace when I can exercise regularly. I play in Ultimate Frisbee leagues and run as often as I can. When we have a free weekend, my wife and I like to take our kids hiking and cannot wait to introduce them to rock climbing. Both playing and composing music plays an essential role in my life. While it tends to take a backseat to other responsibilities, even five minutes in front of the piano with some Chopin can help reduce my stress level dramatically.