About Me

Hello, I am Dr. Lisa Skinner and I would like to welcome you to my Web page. It is an honor to introduce myself to you and tell you about my practice. I look forward to meeting you and your family and caring for your needs.


I am a native Southern Californian who was raised with a bicultural background − my maternal family descended from Mexico and my paternal side is from China. I spent my early years being cared for in East Los Angeles by my grandmother who taught me to speak Spanish. In medical school, I took the opportunity to improve my medical Spanish skills by taking courses in Costa Rica and doing medical volunteer work in Quito and the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador. I realized there was a need for Spanish-speaking physicians to help bridge the gap between those who do not understand the medical system and those gaining access to care. My passion for traveling took me around the world for a year, as well as on return trips to Southeast Asia. These experiences have shaped my awareness of cultural differences and left me eager to learn more.

About my practice

I strongly believe that preventive medicine and healthy living are paramount to a healthy future. My role is to support you, create a safe environment for open communication, and to help you achieve your goals. My staff and I strive to create a team that is a partner in your health care needs.

How I thrive

Balancing my personal life and career is very important to me. Away from work, I enjoy Sunday Chargers games, planning scuba diving trips, hiking, and mountain biking. While my husband surfs, I enjoy spending warm summer days playing with my children on the beach.