About Me

Welcome to my Web page. We offer a very broad range of services at Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center. I’ll guide you through our system as we work to improve your overall well-being.


I grew up in Taiwan when the small island was transitioning from post-World War II recovery to economic prosperity. It was there, as the oldest son in a business-oriented family, that I learned to allocate resources judiciously. Leaving the comforts of home at age 15, I quickly became more socially sensitive and independent. I have been married for more than 30 years. I obtained my masters degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. I obtained my medical degree from Taipei Medical University. In the last 25 years of medical practice, I’ve learned to listen well to people's needs. My mission is to optimize health and help individuals make the most of life.

About my practice

As a gastroenterologist (GI), I spend 20 percent of my time in clinical practice, which includes gastrointestinal consultation and testing. Our GI team focuses on quality, service, and access to care. As an assistant area medical director, I spend the rest of my time overseeing quality, as well as my other management duties at Riverside Medical Center.

How I thrive

To maintain my physical, mental, and spiritual health, I jog, play tennis on weekends, sing, and regularly pray with my wife every morning—all with a thankful heart.