About Me

My family homesteaded in eastern Colorado four generations ago. I attended the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and then graduated from University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency program. My draw to medicine stemmed from my enjoyment of meeting new people and developing ongoing relationships with them, as well as from my passion for preventative medicine. I feel that helping people be well involves not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. My husband and I have two amazing sons, two dogs, two gerbils, and one Gecko lizard. We are also fortunate to have our extended families nearby and large family get together occur on a regular basis around our house.

About my practice

As a family medicine doctor I am able to focus on multiple aspects of people's lives; working together to keep them healthy or develop plans together to improve their health. I care for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. I enjoy being a family medicine doctor, because each age group has its unique challenges and issues that face each of us at different stages of life. I also find caring for multiple family members is an invaluable and often rewarding experience.

How I thrive

My family provides a strong foundation and source of happiness for me. As a family we enjoy taking road trips or other fun vacations, hiking in the mountains, taking long walks, or spending time outside with our two dogs. I am an avid reader, gardener, and occasional poet. I believe one key to happiness in life is finding joy in the little things in our lives which make us smile. No matter how busy we are, it is important to take time in your life to appreciate what is in front of you in that very moment.