About Me

I was born in Boston while my father was finishing dental school, returning back to Oahu before I could walk. During my little-kid days, I got to interact with my family doctor frequently because I got injured and was sick often, thus I thought about studying medicine very early on. My family doctor listened to me carefully, talked to me at my level and treated me with compassion. I knew I wanted to follow his steps into medicine.

About my practice

As a family medicine physician, I strive to treat people in the way my family doctor treated me: listening well, talking story, and treating the problem. I enjoy caring for entire families - from the littlest ones in diapers, to the free spirited teenagers, to the mothers and fathers who know what’s best for their children, and to the mama’s and papa’s who have taught me many of life’s gems. I am supported by an incredible team of health professionals and specialists within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group. I appreciate how we all work together to provide the highest quality of integrated and coordinated care that we can to our members. My philosophy of care is to listen well, care from the heart and laugh out loud each day. I enjoy the time spent with my patients – hearing about their families, travels, hobbies, joys, and life’s trials and tribulations too.

How I thrive

I stay mentally and physically healthy by eating five apples a week, jogging, swimming, giving lots of hugs, and quiet time too. I also enjoy baking, growing vegetables, playing with clay and volunteering in our community. Most of all, I love being with my family as we travel the world!