About Me

Welcome to my Kaiser Permanente physician Web page. I am happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself. If you are scheduled to have surgery, I may have a chance to meet you to explain the role of the anesthesiologist in your care.


I remember wanting to become a physician ever since I was a child, in part because the human body was so fascinating to me. I received my medical degree and training on the East Coast and am now a board-certified anesthesiologist, with a fellowship subspecializing in pediatric anesthesiology. My proficiency in Mandarin helps me communicate with the Chinese-speaking members here at Kaiser Permanente.

About my practice

My goal is to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible before, during, and after your operation. If you need surgery, your anesthesiologist may be your best friend and advocate. Here at Kaiser Permanente, we have a group of anesthesiologists skilled in taking care of surgical, obstetric, pediatric and neonatal patients, and patients with acute and chronic pain. Having completed a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship, a good part of my practice involves taking care of babies and children. Under my anesthesia care, you will have my utmost attention and vigilance to ensure as smooth and comfortable a surgical experience as possible. In addition, I have extensive experience in regional anesthesia, which involves performing nerve block procedures for certain types of surgery to reduce postoperative pain.

How I thrive

I believe complete health involves the body, the mind, and the soul. Playing tennis, swimming, running, cycling, and snowboarding are some of my favorite hobbies. Along with exercise, eating well is important, and I enjoy cooking a good meal for my family and friends. Also, I enjoy traveling to foreign countries and participating in medical missions. Few things are more rewarding than saving the life of a sick child in a developing country, just by providing basic medical care or surgery.