About Me

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York, and went to medical school in Philadelphia. I then completed my residency training at the University of South Florida. My wife (also a physician) and I loved Portland, so we moved here in 2013. When I have free time — not so much since the birth of our son — I enjoy playing guitar, traveling, and spending time with family.

About my practice

I am a hospitalist — caring for hospitalized adult members who are suffering from a wide variety of ailments. I make it a point to empathize with my patients; to me, maintaining optimal communication with the patient and their families is paramount. To be hospitalized is a scary thing, and I try my best to comfort my patients with compassion, understanding, and kindness.

How I thrive

The food in Portland is amazing, and my wife and I are continually trying to sample all of it. We also love live music, concerts, and comedy. When I'm stressed I'll play guitar (rock and classical) or catch a movie. When it comes time for a vacation, I love to travel and feel it brings new perspective to my life.