About Me

I was raised in New Jersey, but trained all over the country. The first eight years of my career were spent on faculty at two medical schools in Boston, where I met my wife, who is originally from Colorado. We moved in 2017 to be closer to family and so she could start her residency at CU. I enjoy spending time with our extremely shy German Shepherd rescue, road cycling, snowboarding and reading current fiction.

About my practice

Dermatology is a wonderful field because it offers me the chance to diagnose and treat patients with relatively few additional tests. I strive to provide thorough, empathetic care while working to keep my clinic running on time or ahead of schedule because I know your time is valuable. I look forward to seeing my patients and getting to know you so we can develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and lifestyle. I respect you as a partner in maintaining your health, and find that you are able to better understand your health by accessing your medical record, prescription information and lab results at kp.org. I especially enjoy treating patients with autoimmune skin diseases – from psoriasis to lupus of the skin. I endeavor to be an early adopter of new treatments in our field.

How I thrive

Physical activity and spending time with my family are the cornerstones of my mental and physical fitness. In addition to cycling, I often try to jog, swim or skate ski to mix up my physical activity. Cooking dinner (often Asian food), ideally while listening to roots/reggae/dancehall music, offers a daily reset button for me as well.