About Me

Welcome to my Kaiser Permanente Web page. I strongly believe that members benefit from having as much information as possible to help them make health care decisions with their physicians. As an anesthesiologist, I spend most of my time caring for members in the operating room and in the labor and delivery suite. I am fortunate to also have an administrative role at Kaiser Permanente as the assistant director of surgical services in Orange County.


Like many in California, I’m not originally from here. I am a transplant from the Midwest, born and raised in Michigan. I spent 15 years in the Bay Area, attending medical school, doing my residency training, and practicing independently. The draw of being closer to extended family brought me down to Southern California, where I have since been fortunate to practice at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County.

About my practice

Although my interactions with members are relatively brief, they are very important because coming to the operating room for surgery can be one of the more significant events in a person’s life. The goals of my practice are to (1) allay preoperative fears through education, reassurance, and medication; (2) safely care for my patients in the operating room, monitoring their every breath and heartbeat; and (3) help my patients awaken comfortably and in good health.

How I thrive

I do my best to maintain a proper balance between my work at Kaiser Permanente and my life outside of the operating room. My wife and I both enjoy healthy eating, so it is fortunate that we also both enjoy cooking. Exercising is also an important part of my life, as I spend time at the gym during the week and take on the “weekend warrior” role at the end of the week, playing any and all sports with my kids, friends, and family.