About Me

My father was a physician who used to return home from work very tired, but not too tired to share his patient care experiences with me. It interested me so much that I wanted to do whatever he was doing and, to this day, I have not been disappointed! I have loved caring for children up to 18 years of age for the past two decades. I have done most of my schooling in my native Colorado, attending Colorado College for undergrad, and the University of Colorado School of Medicine for medical school. I did my Pediatric training in Madison, Wisconsin and, following a brief stint working in inner city Milwaukee, I returned to Colorado to work for Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser Permanente is the best managed care system around and I've always loved its commitment to prevention and its evidence based standards. Managing my patients throughout their years in Kaiser Permanente has been a joy, as has taking care of my former patients' children.

About my practice

Most parents need a lot of support and encouragement for all the many things that they do. I enjoy being able to support parents as they journey through life with their children. Of course, working with children is a treat: I love their honesty and their energy. I also love that most children go through life relatively healthy. In my opinion, the best use of our medical resources is in the area of prevention which, regarding children, includes immunizations. Showing children how to talk to doctors and start learning how to care of themselves, be proud of who they are, and stay healthy is a personal goal.

How I thrive

What do I need to thrive? I need to have fun with my family when we can all be together, I need to laugh, to do something physical, and, if I have the energy, to do something creative. In my free time I enjoy skiing, hiking, and biking with my family. During the week, I try to work out on my days off, and try to walk 10,000k every day. Friends and social time is also important to me, and I actively seek out friends with whom to do something active. I have also been known to knit, needlepoint, quilt and read... but I sure can't cook!