About Me

I was born on the East Coast but have slowly made my way west. I grew up skiing and rock climbing on the smaller mountains and cliffs of New England, and when I graduated from George Washington University Medical School in 2012, I knew I wanted to move westward. I spent the next three years completing my residency training in emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Upon graduating, I spent two years working and living in southern Oregon before moving to Portland. I love emergency medicine because you get to take care of everybody, and I love Oregon because you can do anything from skiing in the summer to climbing in the winter.

About my practice

Being an emergency medicine physician is a challenging yet rewarding job, and I enjoy all aspects of it. Working with such a great team makes it all worthwhile. The complexities of the Emergency Medicine Department require that one be a team player, and I thrive in such an environment. I hope that if you need the services of our department, I can make your “not-ok day” just a little bit better.

How I thrive

Given the sometimes-chaotic nature of emergency medicine, I take refuge in nature. Climbing, skiing, hiking, and swimming are all ways in which I recharge my batteries. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wonderful partner and our dog, Coyote. When we are not working, you can find us cruising around in our teardrop trailer, parked at various climbing crags on the West Coast — all the way from Bishop, California, to Leavenworth, Washington. See you out there!