About Me

Welcome! I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my practice. I am privileged to work with a team of wonderful colleagues and members at Kaiser Permanente, and I look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your goals in health. Your well-being is a priority for me. I look forward to building a relationship with you over the years that is based on mutual trust and respect.


I grew up in Durango, Colorado. I moved to San Diego in 1985 and fell in love with this town. I chose to be a family medicine physician because I believed that it would allow me to have a long-term relationship with my members. My goal is to have a positive impact on people's lives. My wife and two sons are a great support for me and allow me to be a support for my members. My family is a priority for me. We enjoy sailing, traveling, hiking, and going to Padres games.

About my practice

Kaiser Permanente allows me to focus on what is important: quality, caring, and service. I see my role as your physician as an educator, an encourager, and a partner in your well-being. I want to help you make informed and well-reasoned choices to improve your health now and in the future. I want your dreams to become our goals. I want to help you succeed in preventing and treating illness. I work closely with my nursing staff as a team to assist you. My hope and expectation is that you will have an active role in furthering your wellness. I also enjoy focusing on the prevention of illness and the reduction of risk for those who are traveling to foreign countries.

How I thrive

I have participated in the first eight Disneyland Half Marathons, including two presented by Kaiser Permanente. I continue to participate with my sons in their activities, including being the team physician for their high school football team. I enjoy sailing with my family and traveling to broaden my horizons. I try to find time to strengthen my mind, body, and spirit. Ignoring any of these aspects of life has a detrimental effect on the others. I stay actively involved in my church and my sons' school. In 2005, I was fortunate to travel to India to assist with tsunami victims. Each of us has been blessed with skills, abilities, and passions. Using these to touch the lives of those around me increases my satisfaction and allows me to thrive.