About Me

I have practiced medicine in several settings, including private practice. I find my work at Kaiser Permanente enables me to reach out and support patients in an efficient, deeply satisfying way. My husband and I have two daughters, multiple pets and a fondness for the outdoors. I also have a deep love of theater and performance, dance, playing the harp and storytelling.

About my practice

Nothing appeals to me more than the stories my patients share with me every day. I love helping members tell their stories and use the stories from their lives to help them live in healthier, more productive and safer ways. Family medicine views the patient as a whole: in their families, work lives and communities. I prefer to work jointly with members to make decisions about their health - helping them adhere to healthy lifestyles, prevent disease and enjoy life.

How I thrive

I try to find joy in every day, by jogging, reading good books, playing my harp, performing in community theater, and staying engaged in my church. I love to cook, do yoga and dance and grab any chance to do so each week. As my children age I want to travel more to perform charity work.