About Me

I am honored to be a part of Kaiser Permanente and its attention to excellence. I was born and raised in Kansas City. I attended the University of Kansas for my undergraduate degree, then Vanderbilt University School of Medicine for my medical degree, and returned to the University of Kansas Medical Center for my orthopedic training, which I finished in 1998.

About my practice

I chose orthopedics as my specialty because I love to help patients have better, less painful and more functional lives. The tactile performance of surgery appeals to me and my skillset as well. Total joint replacement helps people get back to more active lifestyles. I specialize in hip and knee replacement, specifically direct anterior hip replacement, revision hip replacement, partial and total knee replacement, and revision knee replacement. I do my best to look everyone right in the eye and to speak openly and honestly. I listen to understand my patients’ questions and concerns, and believe that they are essential partners in their health. I use our electronic medical record system to ensure that I understand the big picture of a patient’s health and provide them with appropriate care.

How I thrive

I believe in maintaining my own good health (for selfish reasons!). I enjoy my family most of all. I also enjoy cycling, walking the dog, snowboarding, cooking, reading and travel.