About Me

Growing up in a small town near Santa Cruz, California, I loved spending time outdoors in the redwood forests and at the beach. I decided to become a physician at a young age and spent many years dedicated to that dream. I attended the University of California, Davis, for my undergraduate degree and Touro University in Vallejo, California, for medical school. I completed a residency in neurology at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, near Hollywood. The city was definitely a big change, but I loved exploring L.A. and enjoyed its tremendous food scene. For the final leg of my training, I chose to do a fellowship at Oregon Health & Science University. I fell in love with Portland and decided to make it my home. I chose neurology because I enjoy studying the complexity of the brain — and the puzzle of figuring out where a problem is and why. I chose to specialize in stroke (vascular neurology) because it’s a field of medicine at the forefront of modern medical technology.

About my practice

The Neurology Department at Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing the best care for our members. We have recently created a team to provide immediate expert neurologic consultation for patients in the Emergency Medicine Department or in a hospitalized setting at both Sunnyside and Westside Medical Centers. Teams such as ours have been shown to improve the quality of care provided. I have expertise in stroke care, as well as knowledge in seizures, headaches, brain tumors, concussion/traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and other neurologic conditions. I believe it is important that physicians treat patients as they would want themselves or their family members to be treated, with expertise, kindness, and respect. I am dedicated to the health of all my patients, whatever their needs may be.

How I thrive

Thrive to me means enjoying life, while living an energetic and active lifestyle. To achieve this, I try to spend time outdoors, hiking and exploring new places. I also enjoy trying new foods and finding delicious meals to eat with my husband and friends. I love traveling and look forward to crossing off more of my “bucket-list” locations.