About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to tell you about my clinical role as a physician and my administrative role as the chief of optometry. I spend half my time taking care of members and the other half ensuring our department delivers high-quality eye care. I feel very fortunate and proud be part of Kaiser Permanente. The medical group I work for is truly dedicated to delivering quality health care in all aspects.


Being very nearsighted at an early age, I quickly became interested in the eyes and set myself on a direct course toward optometry. I graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in biology and completed my doctorate of optometry at UC Berkeley, graduating with honors at both schools. Shortly after, I returned to Southern California and completed my residency at the Sepulveda VA center. I became a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. Having a strong passion for education, I have been teaching at a national conference for the past 8 years, and I currently work 1 day at the L.A. County + USC Hospital with ophthalmology residents and fellows.

About my practice

My role as a primary eye care physician not only allows me to manage eye problems but extends to care for the general health of the whole body. People are always surprised to learn that conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can affect the eye and that certain life-threatening conditions can be caught through a routine eye exam. I therefore regularly encourage all members, regardless of whether they need glasses, to get a baseline eye exam. I firmly believe that second to nutrition, prevention is the next best medicine.

How I thrive

To stay healthy, I love running, hiking, and cycling. I feel fortunate to live in Southern California, where the weather allows me to do all of those activities year round. In my free time, my wife and I enjoy eating out and hanging out with friends.