About Me

I was born and raised in Chicago, and moved to Colorado in 1994 after my training at Northwestern University was complete. I spent two years as a hospitalist working for Children's Hospital of Boston, but since graduation have spent the bulk of my career doing primary care and hospitalist work with Kaiser Permanente in Colorado. Although I thought I would miss the vibrancy of a large city, I have grown to love all that Colorado has to offer, including the mountains, climate, outdoor opportunities, and down to earth people drawn to live here.

About my practice

I am a mother of three school-aged children whom I adore and along with my husband, are the love of my life. I became a pediatrician before I became a mother and did not realize back then how much my own children would end up improving the scope of my practice and my ability to relate to the children and parents under my care. Being a mother really helps me understand what parents are feeling when their child is sick or hurt or is due for an immunization at a well child visit! The practice of medicine is a special gift and I feel privileged to develop long-lasting relationships with the families who have chosen me to be their primary care doctor. Although I really enjoy the intellectual challenge of a career in medicine, it is the doctor-patient relationship that makes this job so rewarding. My philosophy of medicine is to share as much information as possible with parents and to individualize every decision based on what is best for the child and feels most right to the parent. I believe that shared decision making is the best approach to maintaining a long lasting professional relationship with my patients. Direct and open communication between a patient and their physician is of utmost importance. Since symptoms progress and disease processes evolve, this communication is essential in order to assure continued good health. I am very thorough and always commit to finding out the best answer, even if it is not apparent at the time of the visit. My role as director of our Pediatric Department of Continuing Medical Education as well as my work as a hospitalist at The Children's Hospital/Saint Joseph Hospital reflects the importance of ongoing evidence-based education in my career.

How I thrive

As a working mom with three children, my life is pretty full!! I personally thrive by spending time with my family. We love to hike and ski, travel, attend the kids' sporting events, and just hang out together. I especially look forward to a couple of nights per month out alone with my husband as well! I am an avid runner, I love to cook and eat well, and I really enjoy reading books, creative writing and yoga.