About Me

Welcome! I'm glad to have this opportunity to present my credentials to you and share other information about myself. It's very important that you feel comfortable with your personal physician, and I hope this page will help you get to know me.


I'm a native Southern Californian. I've known I would become an obstetrician since early childhood because pregnancy and birth have always fascinated me.

About my practice

I'm gratified by my work every day. Being able to make a real difference in people's lives is such a meaningful part of my job. It's a great privilege to help members understand what health issues may affect them, discuss what concerns them, explain what they may not grasp, help them get appropriate evaluations, and communicate with them and their families. I feel honored that members have entrusted me with their care.

How I thrive

Maintaining balance in my life is very important to me. Outside of work, I'm involved in many outdoor pursuits. I volunteer in the community and make as much time as I can for family, friends, and relaxation.