About Me

Hi, I’m Dr. Woodhouse, an orthopedic surgeon with Kaiser Permanente in Antelope Valley. Our group of four specialists handles the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the muscular skeletal system, including sports injuries, complex fractures, reconstructive joint surgery and other issues relating to bones and their supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. While all of us cover the full spectrum of orthopedic cases, my personal subspecialty is in the treatment of shoulder and elbow injuries.


As a teen, I showed a strong aptitude in science. Because I wanted to also be able to work with people, I chose medicine over research or other scientific endeavors. I attended Stanford as an undergraduate, USC as a medical student, and the University of Washington for my internship, residency, and fellowship. So I am pretty well covered when it comes to rooting for the PAC 12 in the Rose Bowl game. Joining Kaiser Permanente in 2008, I was attracted by their comprehensive managed care approach, which allows me to focus on patient care.

About my practice

Whenever a patient is referred to me, I try to be a good listener and keep an open mind. A patient’s input is critical to developing an effective treatment strategy. It is also important for patients to play an active role in their post-surgical rehabilitation. It is vital for them to follow the physical therapy regimen prescribed, so they can regain full range of motion and get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

How I thrive

Since my husband is also a doctor, our lives are often hectic. However, we always carve out time to be with our young daughter. I volunteer at her school and enjoy teaching her to play tennis.