Quit smoking

Tools to quit the habit

Breathe supports you as you explore why it's hard to quit smoking, and offers tips and advice to help you give up the habit.

You'll find healthy ways to:

  • boost your confidence to quit
  • cope with stress
  • deal with urges
  • find healthy alternatives to smoking
  • get support from family and friends

Once you complete the online questionnaire, you'll receive a customized action plan that shows you successful ways to quit smoking and breathe easier.

Try the program that has successfully helped 58 percent of its participants stop smoking.*

Start to Breathe easier.

If you aren't able to finish the program all at once you can save your spot, then pick up where you left off when you return.

Tried Breathe and want to learn more about living smoke-free? You'll find information about quitting techniques, motivation, and other resources in our quit smoking center.

* Kaiser Permanente Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions Outcomes, December 2015.

Reviewed by: Mark Groshek, MD, April 2016

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